House Additions Builders Rotorua

Is space a problem? Do you want another living area? Are you thinking about addition of your house to add a new master bedroom with en suite and walk in closet?

All over Rotorua, We have performed hundreds of house extensions and additions where people required more space or wanted to derive benefit of views. Not only do we work closely with you to create an excellent house design, we will cater all the resources needed to finish the project. This includes, working layouts, obtaining any required building compliances and our team of certified tradesmen encompassing all the work needed.

Addition of your living spaces

Do you require a bigger living area or another bedroom? Want to accommodate a teenager, elderly person or a guest?

The main requirement is whether your space is big enough to accommodate the house additions you want, while meeting local body coverage ratios and maintaining an outdoor area that meets your requirements.

Developing your basement

In hilly areas, many of our houses have unused space below to accommodate their sloping sections. Others have a storage space and garage for the mower, but not much else.

As developed land in areas become more and more at a premium, the house owners in New Zealand are making more of the under-utilized, under-house space. This can be accomplished by either developing the current space or jacking the house to make room for a full new level below. We can provide advice on all types of basement renovations anywhere in Rotorua.

If you are planning to add a family room, home theatre, studio, office, granny flat or any other type of basement development to your house, get in touch with the Tissink Builders team today to figure out what is possible at a free in-home consultation.

Adding another level or an attic room

If your house has under-used space within the loft, one of the most cost-efficient ways to ensure more space and enhance the value of your home can be turning the space into an attic room. Think about all the usages such as the sewing room, home office, a bedroom. In fact the sky is the limit for you. Attic Renovations can be highly cost-efficient solution to create that extra space without changing the overall dimension of the building.

The option if you don’t have sufficient space is the raise the roof literally by enhancing the roof height, or by adding a complete new level to your home. The two reasons people generally consider going up is either because by going up you get the chance to derive benefits of some excellent views or because your section doesn’t permit spreading out as a choice.